A Greater Range of Capabilities Than Any Other UK Steel Tube Producer

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Innovative ERW Steel Tube Producer & Laser Tube Cutting Specialists

Top Tubes is the modern and progressive face of the mild steel tube industry, occupying a modern 14,000 square metre factory on our main 1.85 hectare site.

Established in 1994 by our managing director Adam Bradley, we’ve achieved rapid growth – we’ve grown from an annual turnover of approximately one and a half million pounds sterling in 1994 to 40 million pounds sterling today.

From the outset we set out to be not just a tube producer but a solutions company. Top Tubes now combines a greater range of capabilities than any other UK steel tube producer. Totally unique in the UK steel tube industry, no other single steel tube producer can do so much with tube. Our range of capabilities includes coil slitting, welded tube manufacture, cutting to length, tube-bending, fabrication and manipulation, laser cutting and tube slotting.

Our activities fall into five areas: The steel slitting division, called Zodiac, the welded tube division, the tube slotting division, called Metallex, the laser tube processing division and the tube bending and manipulation division.

Tonnage produced is over 44,000 tonnes. Industry sectors served in terms of percentage are:

Automotive (both
OEM and aftermarket) 30%,
Fencing 14%
Agriculture 12%
Construction 12%,
Retail 11%
Educational furniture 6%,
Lawnmowers 5%
Miscellaneous  10%

Top Tubes' mission right from its establishment was to be more than just a steel tube producer. We continue to invest heavily in new technology and machinery to fully develop and add to our capabilities.

We can make the prospect of finite costings a reality. Many customers find that extending their primary requirement to include one or more of our supplementary services can result in savings in man-hours and wastage and also free up their in house production facilities.

Top Tubes has been independently assessed by ACS Registrars against internationally recognised standards showing our commitment to quality and assurance.

We’re constantly developing our capabilities and our service – we realise that our continued success relies on maintaining and improving the comprehensive nature of our services, maintaining short lead times and offering greater efficiencies, savings and satisfaction to our customers.

Tel: +44 (0) 121 506 1080
Fax: +44 (0) 121 506 1090
Email: [email protected]


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Services Top Tubes Ltd Provide

Our Products and Services

Steel Slitting

The extensive facilities at Zodiac, our coil slitting division, encompass slitting lines for both wide and narrow strip, as well as a narrow de-coiling line for blanking production. Together, these facilities can output over 1000 tonnes of slit coil

Welded Tube

Our modern, efficient mills can produce up to fifteen tonnes of EN10305-3 & 5 ERW tube per hour, ranging from 19mm to 76.2mm in round and equivalent square, rectangular, oval and customer special sections.

Tube Manipulation

Top Tubes leads the way forward in tube bending and manipulation, adopting new technologies that revolutionise the future of bending tube.

Laser Tube Processing

Top Tubes is at the forefront of laser tube processing and laser tube cutting. Thanks to state of the art computer aided design and CNC laser technology we’ve pioneered the use of steel tube in place of sheet metal in component manufacture.

Tube Slotting

Top Tubes’ Metallex division is the market leader in tube slotting, recognised by the shopfitting industry as the leading manufacturer of premium quality slotted steel tube.


Further processes such as end forming, swaging, drilling, punching and welding allow us to become the complete supplier of fabricated assemblies.

Company Statistics

Company Details

  • February 2013
  • 140
  • 1994
  • £40,000,000

The Top Tubes Ltd Team

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ERW & SHS Sales Director
ERW & SHS Sales Manager

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Smith Road, Wednesbury, Walsall, WS10 0PD
Tel: 0121 506 1080